Monday, 24 October 2011

seriously bad

Ok, so I've very recently (that is, about 10 minutes before starting to write this) got confirmation that my situation is seriously bad.

Anybody who knows enough about feline biology knows that procreation for house-cats isn't a thoroughly pleasant activity for for the female. The one female feline fatale who have experience of such things that I share living quarters with -willingly and of her own accord- offered herself.

It made me run through a quick list of individual of compatible physiognomy that I could turn to.
First of in the list of people came my exes. None of them was found suitable to turn to, for various reasons.
Secondly came non-exes that I had shared a bed with ... and it was the same result there.
As for new experiences ... Right. There's a tale about the Little Red Riding-hood, heard it?
I don't want to try to change who I am, what I am, just to satisfy a pesky human need.
I've gone without seven years once, and I can do it again.

If I, despite all odds, would get any kind of offer from a visitor, the answer is "No. I mean it. Seriously. You'd end up with broken bones and torn flesh for starters, IF you survive." It's THAT bad.

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  1. take it easy. thing is gonna change soon I feel it