Monday, 24 October 2011

dangerous dancers, and beneficial hooligans

Okey. Let's examine a thing the police in Norrköping did recently, and the effects if the police-authorities are consistent.They estimated they would need 77 police officers to keep eyes on a dance festival for ten hours, and thus charged 708400 Swedish kronor (aproximately 100k USD) to give their permission to host the thing.
That's 920 kronor per police and hour.

To hold a football game (that is, soccer for you in the USA) with the more troublesome supporter clubs there might need to be as many cops to try to keep people in line, for about the same amount of time (it's not as much during the game as before and after) so they should charge the clubs for as much money to be allowed to host and participate in the games. Right?

Guess what.
Football clubs get about 75% discount, and they only have to pay for the police presence -during the actual game-. The hooligans usually don't go out to wreck shopping mall windows during the matches, but after.

Oh well.
Never mind my ramblings.

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