Thursday, 22 September 2011

to whom it may concern


So, you chewed me out because of what I've written on facebook.
I deserved that.
However, did you even for a second stop to think about WHY I wrote those things on facebook, and didn't tell you directly. Is it because you only read them because you're a friend of a friend?
Considering that we meet at least once a week, and it's been months since I sent a friends-request on facebook to you ... mmh, yea.
Let's just start with that one.

Secondly, want to hear face to face what I think about anything, you've got to do three things.
STOP (with what else you're doing).
LISTEN (to what I have to say and not just hear it)
and lastly
THINK (before you reply or act on what I said).
Three hard things for people on the go to do, I know, but if you can't do those three things, I don't see any point in even trying to tell you what I think.

Do you think that I've made things difficult for you?
Sure, I may have caused some inconvenience for you.
However, either you're underestimating the importance of my good will,
or you're overestimating the effect of my ire.
I'm not sure which would be the most flattering of the two.

I am certain you'll contest both those standpoints.
If the effect of my ire isn't as great as you've made it seem when you berated me, then why bring it up? Also, in such a case, then my good will isn't important either.
If my good will is important to you, then why on earth would I have typed those things I published?

It would be nice if you could sit down and write a reply,
read it through twice,
then start with a blank page and write it again before posting.

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