Friday, 9 September 2011

net access!

I have net access today!

It means, I can work. I can't to all I'm supposed to, since I refuse to use Microsoft Paint to edit images.
Could I do the editing with that cra-- that software? Yes, but I'd so much rather have access to a computer less than 5 years old, updated, and work with GIMP.

Yesterday I spent the whole day pretending to work, while doing all manner of other stuff that wasn't work.
I don't think anybody of them noticed.
It's a bit of gamble to write about it here on the web-log, since the boss, theoretically anyway, find and read it. If he does, he deserves that and some other not so fancy truths.
One of the other truths is that I am here not because I need to, only because I want to. I've actually got other possible jobs lined up and waiting. The day I tire of being here I'm gone.

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