Saturday, 20 August 2011



You're here for a reason. It may not be a very good reason, but there is one.
If you're here because you wanted to learn something about me ... well, you will.
If you're here for any other reason ... you'll learn something about me anyway.

My life, the way I see it, is Pointless.
Also, I suck.

Why do I say this?
Simply because, I know everything there is to know about self-improvement, and while I do want to be a better person with a better life and a better self-image ... I don't even TRY to do jack schitt about it.
Which has to be the most pointless and pathetic thing you've read today.
Hey, I can't even TRY to take my own life.

So, you're just going to the simple thing, the easy thing, and surf on to another website and think nothing more of that whacked out nut-job who kept on rambling about how worthless he was. Because, you know, taking a few seconds to write a few words of encouragement is beyond your level of care. I mean, it won't gratify yourself, so you won't do it. But who am I kidding, you didn't even reach this paragraph.

Do I seem cynical?
You bet.
Because that's what life in general have taught me is the only way to survive and stay relatively sane.
I've tried to reach out and break the slow spiral down into despondency and misery. Guess what usually happens.
Yea, I get kicked down.

After being kicked down enough times, you start to wonder if it's really worth trying to get back up.
You also learn to see at a long distance which fights you have a chance to win, and when you WILL lose no matter what, and you start to avoid them both. So you only fight the fights you know you should win.

Me, I've gone one step further.
I don't fight.
I give in, without a fight.
It makes the collateral damage I leave behind afterwards so much more ... thoughtful. What's the most "fun" is saying "I could have told you so, but you never bothered to ask. So, it's all your mess."

Sure, I don't have that many friends.
Acquaintances, co-gamers, co-workers and such, sure, but not that many friends.
A friend is somebody I can call any time at day or night about any subject, and be able to speak my mind (or heart as the case might be), and they'd be willing and able to listen.
Those that are closest to being such friends are willing, but they're not able. The main reason they're not able is because they can't listen, can't shut up long enough to just sit there and listen.

There's also another contributing factor to this my current state of mind.
Because of lack of stability and structure in my life I do not eat my serotonin elevating medication the way I'm supposed to. I do not fucking care, because who the fuck cares if I live or die beside my immediate family?
At most three people, and then mainly because somebody they could depend on for support is gone.

So yea, for my own sake, my existence is pointless.

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