Monday, 4 July 2011

Single since a week

I'm single since a week back.

Not something I'm proud of, nor feel ashamed of.
The way the relationship ended could have been better, and the reasons likewise.
It was for the best for us both.
Better some pain now than worse pain later.
And yes, it would have ended sooner or later, and the longer the relationship had lasted, the worse would it have been when it ended.
So, I called an end to it after one and a half year, which was about six to nine months too late, imo.

So, what have I done this last week?
Trying to find stability and balance. To find something positive to focus on.
I tried with MineCraft, and it's great.
The posibileties are ... enormous. Your imagination is the only thing setting a limit to what you can make in that game and ... well ... I have well-planned ideas, but no energy to even begin to try achive them.

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